Online Assessment Procedure for an Invigilated Assessment

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Online Assessment Procedure for an Invigilated Assessment

Please read this information before booking your assessment

1.1 – Once the online course has been completed, the learner completes an online form giving five possible assessment dates and times (please click Here for the form), Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses then schedules the assessment date and time which best suits the assessor.

1.2 – A confirmation email is then sent out confirming the date and time and explaining what is expected and how the assessment works.

1.3 – On the assessment day at the allotted time, it is the learner’s responsibility to call through to Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses using our assessment program called “GoToMeeting” via your computer. If there is no answer we ask that you call the Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses Office on 01273 974 954 (UK) or our South Africa Office on  +27 (0) 12 743 6754 as the assessor may have been delayed with another assessment.

1.4 – The learner must show us a 360-degree view of the room they are in as well as the desk or workspace. The learner must prove that no textbooks, posters or notes are visible.

1.5 – If required the learner must then give permission to share their desktop so that access can be granted to complete the assessment. All personal information is to be closed on their screen.

1.6 – While the learner is completing the assessment, the assessor will be monitoring and observing the learners progress. Please note that the assessor or invigilator will not help you with answering any of the questions.

1.7 – At the end of the assessment the assessor will answer any questions the learner has and then close the assessment and complete the relevant paperwork and complete the IQA claim.

1.8 – Additional time for your assessment will only be granted if you have supplied Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses with your Educational statement at the start of the course as stated within the terms and conditions.

For information on our online assessment program please click on this link –

For further advise of assessment please view the Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses Terms and Conditions please click Here.

To book your assessment please complete the Assessment Request Form, please click Here.