Anatomy And Physiology Online Courses - Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy

Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses aims to facilitate open access to vocational qualifications for learners who are eligible for reasonable adjustment and/or special consideration in assessments, without compromising the assessment of the skills, knowledge, understanding or competence being measured.

This will be achieved through:

Reasonable Adjustment 

This is agreed at the pre-assessment planning stage and is any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty, which places the learner at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment situation. Reasonable adjustments must not, however, affect the reliability or validity of assessment outcomes, nor must they give the learner an assessment advantage over other learners undertaking the same or similar assessments.

Special Consideration 

This is a post-assessment allowance to reflect temporary illness, injury or indisposition that may have occurred at the time of assessment. Any special consideration granted cannot remove the difficulty the learner may have faced at the time of assessment and can only be a relatively small adjustment to ensure that the integrity of the assessment is not compromised. Special consideration cannot apply to “licence to practise” units within a qualification, or to “licence to practise” qualifications.

Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses will only consider requests for reasonable adjustment and special consideration submitted following a written request by the learner and where possible through supporting documentation i.e. medical or educational evidence.

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The application of this policy will be reviewed annually by the Principal.

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