Anatomy And Physiology Online Courses - Internal Verification Policy


  • To ensure there is an accredited lead internal verifier in each principal subject area
  • To ensure that internal verification is valid, reliable and covers all assessors and programme activity
  • To ensure that the internal verification procedure is open, fair and free from bias
  • To ensure that there is accurate and detailed recording of internal verification decisions

In order to do this, Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses will ensure that:

  • A lead internal verifier for each principal subject area
  • Each lead internal verifier oversees effective internal verification systems within each principal subject area
  • The whole team are briefed and trained in the requirements for current internal verification procedures
  • Effective internal verification roles are defined, maintained and supported
  • Internal verification is promoted as a developmental process between the team
  • Standardised internal verification documentation is provided and used
  • All centre assessment instruments are verified as fit for purpose
  • An annual internal verification schedule, linked to assessment plans, is in place
  • An appropriately structured sample of assessment from all programmes, sites and teams is internally verified, to ensure centre programmes conform to national standards and standards verification requirements
  • Secure records of all internal verification activity are maintained
  • The outcome of internal verification is used to enhance future assessment practice

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The application of this policy will be reviewed annually by the Principal.

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