Anatomy And Physiology Online Courses - Dignity at Work and Study Policy

We recognise the right of every student, employee and visitor to be treated in accordance with the values of dignity and mutual respect for each others’ differences. Harassment, bullying and victimisation are unlawful behaviours under the Equality Act 2010, and we have processes in place to address these behaviours if they happen.

Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses will not accept harassment of its team or learners by third parties, including project partners, clients, contractors or visitors. Bullying or harassment directed towards visitors to Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses from any party are equally unacceptable. Any examples of such harassment should be brought to the attention of the tutor, team member or Principal of Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses immediately.

We are committed to taking action to resolve disputes and conflicts early and work in partnership with individuals of the Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses community to develop positive approaches to resolving conflict and disputes.

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The application of this policy will be reviewed annually by the Principal.

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