Anatomy And Physiology Online Courses - Computer Literacy Policy

Consistent with Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses Learners Charter and Terms and Conditions, Learners are required to have access to a desktop personal computer to support their academic work. 

The computer should have a Microsoft Office or (Apple) MAC suite, pdf conversion software, a web browser, access to a scanning package/app, video conferencing ability/camera and should be capable of accessing the internet. 

AT A MINIMUM Learners are expected to have the following computer-related skills and knowledge:

1) Basic knowledge of hardware and software aspects of desktop personal computers. This includes:

  1. a) Windows or MAC operating system (Word/Pages), pdf formatting/conversion
  2. b) Skills in troubleshooting simple computer problems
  3. c) Understanding storage and media options, including data protection of case study information.

2) Knowledge and understanding of the use of software applications and saving of files in their latest supported versions. Preferred programs are given in detail within the student portal.

3) Knowledge and understanding of web browsers & internet search engines.

4) Working knowledge of video conferencing – opened by link provided by Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses.

4) Knowledge/understanding of e-mail (Microsoft Outlook or other mail servers)

Learners that require additional instruction, training or consultation are encouraged to seek self-directed enhancement of their computer skills through a third-party provider.

Please click here for our T’s and C’s

The application of this policy will be reviewed annually by the Principal.

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