Anatomy And Physiology Online Courses - Accreditation and Course Content Policy

Courses are planned, remembering the importance of teaching core concepts to encourage critical thinking often taken from the ideas and thoughts of knowledge based information. Select text(s) and other materials may reflect as such. 

Courses with Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses encourage higher-level thinking skills which go beyond content thus to avoid an overemphasis of knowledge base alone. 

All course material is accredited by The Federation of Holistics Therapists (FHT), therefore given an attentive audit of proper methods of documentation and academic acknowledgement of where and when permission is a requirement.

  • Unless FHT has explicitly stated otherwise any abstract considered common knowledge will not follow a citation or obtain permission style.
  • Unless FHT has explicitly stated otherwise any cross over of academic knowledge is considered acceptable and fair use engagement and collaboration by the accreditation process. Perceived infringement of such must be observed as an idea not an expression given that a responsible accreditation process has been undertaken of material by the training school.
  • Accreditation from FHT is the external recognition and audit of adherence to a set of standards to perform, undergoing a quality process by in-house experts to ensure course content is accurate and contains relevant content and best to practice resource. It therefore is not a self accreditation process but demonstrates that the affiliate organisation has taken their responsibility to learners seriously in the standard and content of material.

To seek clarification, learners are requested to seek FHT for the accreditation process of course material to respond to any learner with enquiry of academic framework/goals/material/content/schedules of their courses.

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The application of this policy will be reviewed annually by the Principal.

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